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Hi Guys, 

I started a new blog focussing more on my current goals which are eating healthier and getting fitter & generally not filling my body with as much junk as I was and I’m finding it a pain to keep logging in and out since I can’t figure out how to synch them so won’t be posting much on this one anymore. 

My new blog is so you can follow me there if you like :)

It’s a big change for me but one that I am finally happy and committed to!


So, I came across a really good allergy friendly website(mainly gf & df) and decided to make a couple things.

I just pulled some Lemon & Chia Seed Cookies out from the oven and they are divine!

I thought at first there was way to much dry compared to the 2 eggs which are the only wet ingredients but they were fine. The mixture is quite sticky and it doesn’t golden up like normal cookies do but they will be cooked so don’t be tempted to leave them in any longer. I also only used half the amount of the suggested sugar.